Greenlight at CFBDC event

Greenlight at CFBDC event


Larry Mitchell

The CFBDC President Larry S. Mitchell invited Greenlight to share our economically empowering message of Business Mastery & Wealth Creation.

As the Nation’s #1 Business, Money & Wealth Coach, Dr. Terrence Cash has learned many of the hidden secrets that guide the world’s wealthiest people to launch, nurture & grow successful businesses consistently. As a seasoned serial entrepreneur, accredited private investor, coach, philanthropist, best-selling author and public speaker, Dr. Cash has 30 years of experience and success in business. 

He is the Chairman & Founder of the Greenlight family of companies which focus on delivering empowering solutions that create true wealth in life and business. This helps people achieve their incredible human potential, especially financially. To learn more about Dr. Cash, click here.

At this event with the CFBDC, the packed event was filled with business owners, many having questions that have imparied growth and lead to missed business opportunities. Dr. Cash shared the hidden secrets of the wealthy, along with some of his Business Mastery principles to demistify how Greenlight helps coach clients into solving the same types of issues.